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The Architectural Stores Company for Investment and Trade was established in Jordan since 1978 to be a leading company in the field of trading building materials and hand tools.
Over the past years, the company has acquired many commercial agencies for a large group of European and international companies to meet all the needs of the market and individuals working in this field.
With effort and work, the company continued its spread in the Jordanian market, proving its worth and distinction in this field, and with this distinction made it shoulder the responsibility of providing various types of building materials and hand tools.
And it began to achieve great achievements and successes that earned it the trust of customers and it became famous for a wide reputation in this field.


We CARE about our employees, customers and vendors. We value the skills, strengths and perspectives of our employees.


We adopt an open and HONEST communication amongst our employees, customers and vendors.


We promote a collaborative workplace and a seamless organization driven by TEAMWORK. Our people, our products, our warehouses


We are a FLEXIBLE company that adapts to changing situations by readjusting our priorities in order to get things done.
We work with our brands to provide project perfection, join with our brands .


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